Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Kindy?

Community Kindergartens are just for kindy kids. The focus is on learning through play, and the building and grounds are located in a stand-alone facility so that children can explore and grow in an environment that is free from big kids, school bells and noise.

But while the children don’t have to compete with school kids, rest assured our Seaview teachers collaborate on a regular basis with North Cottesloe Primary School to keep the education and learning consistent.

Community Kindergartens are managed by a parent committee in collaboration with teaching staff. It is a team effort - together, we deliver a fantastic experience for children.

How is Seaview Funded?

Seaview is partly funded by the Department of Education - which covers teachers’ salaries and roughly 40-50% of the running costs of the kindy.

The other 50-60% of funds are received from your voluntary contribution, an annual materials and infrastructure fee, excursion/incursion and music contributions, fundraising and community grants.

What are the costs?

Our fees are comparable with the kindy fees at our local government school.

With parent and community support, Seaview Kindy can continue to provide a nurturing play based learning experience for our kindy kids.

Please contact us for information on our fees.

What is the role of the Parent Management Committee?

The Parent Management Committee (PMC) is a committee made up of parents of children at Seaview Kindy. The role of the PMC is to make decisions for the year with regards to funding, maintenance requirements and to undertake the book keeping for the kindy. Education is the under the province of the teachers and the principal. All parents are encouraged to be involved to ensure the kindy functions smoothly.


Do I need to join a waiting list?

Applications for enrolment are submitted the year before your child enters the kindergarten. Seaview Kindy caters for children in the catchment area as first priority, and then, depending on spaces available, can take additional children. The best thing to do is ensure your child is enrolled.

When will I be notified that my enrolment has been accepted?

Late in Term 3 of the Western Australian school calendar.

Where are the Catchment boundaries?

The Seaview boundaries are wider than those for North Cottesloe. Seaview stretches from the south side of North Street to the south side of Jarrad Street, runs along Stirling Highway to Anstey Street on the east, along Bindaring Parade and back across the highway at Richardson Street. If you are near the boundary, you will need to check this boundary details. Children living south of Forrest Street are not within the catchment area for North Cottesloe Primary School. Both Seaview Kindy and North Cottesloe Primary School however will accept applications for enrolment and will assess on priority.

Is Seaview Kindy a feeder school to North Cottesloe Primary School (NCPS)?

There is not a formal process to transition from Seaview to NCPS. Parents will need to complete enrolments for NCPS. Enrolments will be reviewed and prioritised depending on local catchment requirements.

Can I have a look before I join?

Yes, we have an annual Open Day. The Open Day is a great opportunity to come and meet the teachers and some current parents.

Please contact us if you would like to visit at another time.

Does Seaview have a uniform?

We do not have a mandatory uniform but there are Seaview short and long sleeved t-shirts in variety of colours available for purchase. Wearing the Seaview t-shirt is encouraged, especially on excursions. Children are encouraged to wear comfortable, protective clothing so they can play and get dirty.

My child has an allergy?

We are an allergy aware kindy and follow Anaphylaxis Management Guidelines for Western Australian Schools.

What are the hours?

There are 15 hours per week by law. Seaview Kindy has run two full days and a half day to the satisfaction of current parents. Seaview has two groups - blue group attends all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and red group attends Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday and Friday. Sessions start at 8.45am and end at 3pm. Wednesday morning ends at 11.30am with the next session commencing at 12.15pm.

Do you operate during school holidays?

We only operate during school terms as set out by the Western Australian State school system.

Can I bring my child to school when they are sick?

We are a 'well kindy'. Sick children need to be kept home for their recovery and the wellbeing of others. In general, keep your child home for 24 hours after symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea, sore throat, eye discharge, fever, fungal infection, have resoled or antibiotic treatment has commenced.