My two children both attended Seaview Community Kindergarten. They each enjoyed a wonderful year of play-based learning.

The kindergarten is spacious and well arranged for different types of play - with construction, role play, art and craft, and library each having their own designated areas. They particularly loved the extensive adventure playground where they could develop their social skills in a safe and fun environment.

My boys still talk fondly of Seaview excursions, wheelie races, egg rewards and Christmas concerts.

— Jo Gibson

Seaview Kindy provided the perfect foundation of schooling for both of my children; Aleisha (2010) and Blake (2011).

There always seemed to be a good balance of teacher led instruction, structured activities, open ended tasks and free play in a safe, yet fun environment. The teacher in charge, Ros Punshon, created a consistent program with very clear boundaries which is so good for the children. I also found her very astute and quick to pick up the children’s level of development and hence, extend and support them in an appropriate way. The teacher assistant, Anne Jones, was always warm and caring and provided the perfect balance to the team.

— Christy Dangerfield

Our children have all adored their time at Seaview Kindy.

Ros and Anne provide a positive, kind and caring environment whilst introducing the children to all the essential foundations of learning.

Its offsite location gives both the teachers and children a wonderful sense of freedom and autonomy.

As parents we have felt privileged to be part of a kindy with such a lovely feeling of warmth and community spirit. Seaview Kindy provides a truly exceptional start to your child’s education.

— Nicole Annear

We have had all four of our children go through Seaview Community Kindergarten and all six of us have loved the experience.

It is friendly and fun and has provided an excellent start to our children’s school career. Alice, Bill, George and Toby each have their own memories of their year at kindy but also many shared memories as the kindergarten has embraced our family as a whole each year.

The teaching staff have managed to incorporate the changing curriculum whilst maintaining the essence of play which is essential for young children. Leaving Seaview for the last time at the end of 2012 made for quite a few tears.

— Tash Warner

Seaview provides a safe and stimulating environment in which children flourish.

Whilst at Seaview my children really enjoyed learning, whether it was role play to develop social skills, singing during music lessons, rhyming and letter games, finding out about marine animals or a team construction project.

The dedicated teachers are amazing and they have all the resources they need. The setting is beautiful and the Community Kindergarten status allows the parents to fund raise and ensure that the centre has excellent up-to-date teaching materials that are built on every year.

— Mary Webberley

Seaview Kindy has provided my children with a great first school experience.

It has a safe, nurturing and intimate environment away from the hustle-and-bustle of a big school. My children absolutely loved going to Seaview. They enjoyed the music classes, the excursions and incursions, the art and craft, the dress-ups and imaginary play as well as the performances and concerts. As a parent, I have thoroughly enjoyed the welcoming and unique learning environment as well as the great community feeling and parent involvement that Seaview as a community kindergarten gives you.

In my opinion Seaview is a small paradise that any child would be very lucky to experience!

— Rikke McGlew